Pasha Kagan | Organic Reach Optimization Expert

The product

Typically, forex trading is mislabelled and misrepresented in public opinion, making it feel more like a closed ecosystem, rather than something the public can enjoy approaching.

The 5%ers sought to change this, by blindsiding the forex universe and not being a standard “broker firm”, but allowing day-traders to operate within an accelerator and enjoy the exceptional assistance of the company’s personnel.

Increase in traffic, since launching the overhauled website

The challenge

When talking about search engines, the underlying challenge is swimming in uncharted waters. Being a vertical of varying legal statuses across the world, search engines actively restrict quantifiable data – causing marketers to “fire in the dark”: performing actions without being able to accurately measure the effects.

The main challenge for 5%ers was market education. Having a completely different approach needed to explain and while being supported by efforts in other marketing channels – it was up to me to “shout from the rooftops” that we’re anything. Ranking high wasn’t enough, we had to teach people that there’s a new type of product in town, and get them acquainted with it by utilizing content. But what you’d expect from a forex firm.

Then – convince Google as well.

My involvement

After being introduced by mutual connection, I approached this project hesitantly. Many of my colleagues steer clear of anything even remotely resembling forex. Be ready for a challenge and won over by the charming personalities of the founders, which I mean sincerely; It’s uncommon to follow up a professional meeting with a three-hour-long casual conversation. We set sail.

Phase one was technical in nature. The site was to be transitioned from Joomla to WordPress. While maintaining existing achievements and improving upon them. Gil, a co-founder, has proven himself very savvy, as he undertook the challenge of learning tropes and launching a fully-functional website in a month – with all SEO factors being met.

The next step was then to devise a strategy. Having very little data at our disposal, we moved fast, won some, lost some, and devised short- and long-term gameplans. We focused on content, conquering peaks and finding new audiences to spread our gospel to.


It worked. 

The numbers rose gradually, the site started to rank for rather challenging search terms – and our major KPI, an organic conversion-based profit, reached and surpassed the investment.

I can’t share any numerical data, for obvious reasons – but stats reveal that organic traffic, as whole, has doubled the profit it used to bring, and became the 2nd most profitable source of converting traffic. The conversion rate of organic visitors was indeed the highest. 

We were technically able to segment and quantify the monetary value of our organic and paid visitors, making us able to measure ROI conclusively. It was a bumpy ride, on gravel, almost in pitch-dark – but a year on, I was able to pass the torch to an in-house troupe.