Pasha Kagan | Organic Reach Optimization Expert

The product

Blox is essentially a SaaS solution, made for the emerging blockchain ecosystem and its increasing need for accounting and tracking. 

As cryptocoins and assets become a valid economic standard, new needs emerge: the ability to track, audit, generate a report or have a broad perspective of the market – they all become a common requirement for businesses.

Being a new, yet energetic vertical – Blox’s unique solution really sets the bar for such services, and we had to let everyone know about it.

The challenge

At the time of writing, the entire crypto vertical isn’t entirely accepted by Google – so much information is withheld from us marketers. Additionally, the company itself went through a small reorganization, with all marketing efforts being consolidated under the newly-appointed marketing VP.

Taking advantage of the site’s reconstruction, organic presence was also considered when devising the roadmap. The clear goal was to tap into that potential and be ready for when Google opens up the floodgates and “respects” crypto as it does in any other vertical.

With the privilege of having the freedom to plan the online presence from the ground up, choosing the right partners and vendors, and not having to risk too much traffic to begin with. The sky was the limit (and, obviously, the lack of tangible data).

My involvement

I was brought along at the perfect time: at the decision-making and planning stage.

At the same time, we have spent countless hours both composing a long-lasting plan and resolving all things technical.

We’ve had the ability to pick the best possible tools for our metaphorical toolbox, board the right people and re-plan all aspects of the client-facing site. From the SEO perspective, it’s the perfect opportunity to shine: Together with the team, we planned the best possible data structure, following Google’s logic and the presumed train of thought of our clients. Working with highly skilled developers and designers allowed the joint effort to coalesce into a very Google-compliant platform that resonated in the almost-perfect index right off the bat.

At the same time, research was carried out. We dug really deep. Our competitors were closely observed, figuring out what allows them to outrank Blox. Inbound links were mapped and evaluated, creating guidelines for making cost-effective decisions and choices. Having this knowledge made it possible to have these “mental equations” which we use to quantify just how helpful an action would be, both immediately and in the grand scheme.

Seeing that our strategy works, more people could become involved in the effort – a PR agency, link builders, the company’s HR and more – all of them follow the same underlying agenda.


Slowly and steadily, the numbers grew. The graphs became steeper, the arrows turned green, and the VP was satisfied (let’s see if this statement is preserved intact). Blox’s site continued to evolve, while amassing very authoritative content, interviews, editorials, and more.

After going live and re-tuning into organic potential, we aimed higher. With clear guidelines, Blox was able to hire wonderful content people, some of the most skilled designers and developers I had the opportunity to work with, use the site as a recruiting platform and maintain a closer relationship with its target audience. 

As the marketing team became increasingly in-sync, we could automate some processes (only making slight adjustments when needed) and focus on better tracking, deeper optimization, exploration of technological tools and monetization capabilities, and basically – constantly proving to Google’s algorithm that crypto is here to stay.