Pasha Kagan | Organic Reach Optimization Expert

The product

Audioburst is a company that has come up with a fascinating solution for various text-speech interfaces, including (but not limited to) the ability to transcribe speech, search within speech, and curate audio-based content.

For me, the engagement with Audioburst consisted of two main parts: initial market research in early 2017, and technical consultation later that year, and on-demand.

The challenge

Audioburst’s product was revolutionary. As such, the technology was being actively developed, while the marketing effort was to figure out which direction efforts should be directed at.

Having such a scalable, inter-connectable and re-usable technological possibility created a variety of possible focuses.

Then, after figuring out what goals are worth pursuing, the next step was “how-to”.

My involvement

The first part relied primarily on discovering which directions are more relevant than others, based on various factors, including organic search traffic. Basically, I had to do market research and try to predict, based on the data, which goals are worth pursuing. During this phase, I’ve also assisted technically, setting up a company blog and helping with the long-term content strategy.

The second part was all about the proper upbringing of the audio-based search engine. This phase was a mostly-technical one, with one major deliverable: an exhaustive document depicting the appropriate ways to address the index-ability of the new search engine, from the SEO standpoint. The document ended up creating a specific task list for everyone involved in this project.


We selected several concurrent targets to focus on, following the public release of each (to search engines, as well as the general public).

The gradual release was a success. We reaffirm and re-evaluate incoming measurables while closely monitoring traffic and behavior. Thanks to the brilliant developers and overall project management – changes were implemented almost on-the-go, while maximizing the potential of such technology.

I’ve had a lot of fun working on Audioburst’s projects because we’re constantly exploring new territories and figuring out new ways of making the web help the company achieve its goals.