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I’m Pasha

Pasha Kagan

If there’s a product - there should be an audience for it.

That audience must be reached. My job is to figure out how.
Authority is the herald of value, and building authority is a process in which the audience is mapped, understood, evaluated and appropriately addressed.
That’s what I specialize in. Years of experience working with industry leaders taught me how to look at things as a whole and plan an organic corporate strategy using measurable data and tangible predictions.

I’ve been dubbed a lot of things: SEO expert, code junkie, marketing consultant, mentor, strategist, team leader and so forth – pick the one you can relate to, and let’s start.

Also, at this point in life, I believe it’s physically impossible for me to take photographs seriously, so here’s a photo of me taken at random.


A full stack allaround designer that may or may not include a guide for specific createive


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A full stack allaround designer that may or may not include a guide for specific createive


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Success is an inspiring concept.

Success is reachable by defining what it means to a product, how much is the product of being just that. And what metrics are being used to visualize success.

Having organic influence over the audience is the cornerstone of being accepted as a leader. It can be reverse engineered and followed through.

The ideal roadmap.



Organic Reach Optimization Expert


An optimized game plan includes realizing what the product does and what market it is aimed at, understanding quantifiable metrics, planning for the long-term, finding golden opportunities and getting everyone in the company onboard with that change.

Being a veteran of diverse and competitive verticals, I am able to set in motion an organic effort, while ensuring that the right steps are being followed and streamlined with the corporate agenda – and performance is in line with prediction.

Together, we’ll figure out who your market is and see what’s the best plan to maximize your product’s organic reach within it. Then we’ll maintain a data-driven process and ensure that your vision is conveyed.


Take a sneak peek at some of my recent projects, formed as case studies:


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Having some mileage in my line of work, here are the milestones of my professional life.

  • 2023

    2014 - 20++ Going independent. I reinvented myself as a freelance business owner, focusing on developing my unique approach and focusing on what I do best, carefully hand-picking my projects.

  • 2014

    2011 - 2014 The professional years. My path in SEO has been confirmed by title, with the role of a full-time SEO team leader in agencies.

  • 2011

    2007 - 2011 Starting my journey. Held various web-based, but mostly technical, positions at web-companies, launching my career and acquiring the know-how.



Read enough? Let’s talk.

Recognizing that you’ve some data we can refer to, some observations of your target audience, business goals and the urge to maximize the potential of your projected client base – and ping me.

Or, say hi, I’ll never refuse a cup of coffee.

P.S.: I’m a freelancer at core. I can get paid for full-time, although I won’t be working full-time.

P.S.S.: I’m in tech for the swag. I am going to ask for a branded t-shirt or hoodie at some point. Also accepting Teslas – but the freshest ones.

FULL NAME: Pasha Kagan
LOCATION: Wherever there’s WiFi, power socket & coffee

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